Final Cuts
All About That Cake All About That Cake
Straight Rhythm Pomona Course Build Straight Rhythm Pomona Course Build
Soapbox Seattle Course POV Soapbox Seattle Course POV
Arcade Fire LA Concert Arcade Fire LA Concert
WMMA 2013 What Does the Wand Say? WMMA 2013 What Does the Wand Say?
WMMA – Filipino Wrecking Ball WMMA – Filipino Wrecking Ball
WMMA Awards – Buffer Style WMMA Awards – Buffer Style
X-Fighters POV Course Run X-Fighters POV Course Run
National Red Bull Flugtag 2013 National Red Bull Flugtag 2013
MTV The Music Experiment NYC MTV The Music Experiment NYC
Rickie Fowler Off Course Dallas Rickie Fowler Off Course Dallas
2012 Fighters Only World MMA Awards 2012 Fighters Only World MMA Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a video?

Costs are a lot less than you think, though prices vary depending on needs. Call us for a quote (714-437-0890) and we will look at your goals and distribution platform, and offer your brand or business a cost effective solution that best suits your needs.

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How long does it take to create a video?

Videos can take one to 100 days depending on your needs and internal timelines.

We will work within your deadlines to ensure that you have a top-notch product.

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Will we be able to see and make changes to film
before the final product is delivered?

Absolutely! Collaboration is an essential part of what we do; it ensures we deliver you the best product possible. You can come directly to the editing bay, or we can set up a satellite meeting so you can see the entire production process.

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What formats do you shoot on?

We’ve produced and shot with HDCam, XDCam, RED, HDV and 3D Panasonic. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technology to enhance the end result, so we can shoot and deliver on any format.

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How did OceanWatch Begin?

Originally founded by Robert Unvert to produce content for deep-sea fishing expeditions in 1985, OceanWatch has become the leading full service television, production and distribution company with a unique appreciation and understanding of the youth and action market. With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with a variety of clients ranging from adventure, adrenaline, MMA and action sports brands to Fortune 500 companies and advertising and PR agencies. Our in-house team of forward-thinking producers, writers, videographers and editors pride themselves on delivering productions that not only leave our clients happy, but also leave an emotional connection with viewers.

While Founder Robert Unvert passed away in 2001, his pursuit for perfection and his fun loving spirit lives on in every production.

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Why the name “OceanWatch”?

Robert Unvert originally started OceanWatch to become the leading content production company for deep-sea fishing expeditions. We were the original film commissioners for Catalina Island, collecting over 2,000 hours of footage over the course of 11 years. For us, the ocean has always been a deep part of our lives and one of our favorite forms to film. It’s not only provided the perfect training ground for being able to produce content in any environment, but for us the ocean represents a place with endless possibilities, ultimate chaos, and yet perfect flows. We’d say that’s sort of our approach to production. We’re good at taking chaotic ideas and turning them into final productions that flow seamlessly and simply.

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Do you handle distribution?

B-Roll distribution is one of our core capabilities. We have contacts at over 450 of the leading news stations, and we work with strategic partners to assist with television and/or interactive distribution on the East and West coasts. Our team of dedicated news “pitchers” calls targeted lists within the top 75 markets (nearly 400 stations total). Beyond having personal relationships with many news,sports, business, and lifestyle editors, we also have relationships with news feed services for domestic networks like NBC, CBS, CNN, AP and EPTN. Global distribution is also available.

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How many impressions can I expect in a B-Roll package?

It depends on each package, but with a great story, we can get 40 million impressions or more in the U.S.

National VNR’s can result in publicity dollars up to an average of $3,000,000 and ad equivalency dollars of $1,200,000.

We also have strategic partners to help with global distribution.

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What sets OceanWatch apart from the rest?

Beyond being nice and incredibly fun to work with, we’re a full service, one-stop-shop. Unlike other production companies that outsource their services, our in-house talent specializes in all aspects of event scale productions, including distribution. From script writing to location scouting, and all the filming, editing and distribution, our in-house team brings years of experience to every project. We specialize in all aspects of event scale production, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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