Final Cuts
All About That Cake All About That Cake
Straight Rhythm Pomona Course Build Straight Rhythm Pomona Course Build
Soapbox Seattle Course POV Soapbox Seattle Course POV
Arcade Fire LA Concert Arcade Fire LA Concert
WMMA 2013 What Does the Wand Say? WMMA 2013 What Does the Wand Say?
WMMA – Filipino Wrecking Ball WMMA – Filipino Wrecking Ball
WMMA Awards – Buffer Style WMMA Awards – Buffer Style
X-Fighters POV Course Run X-Fighters POV Course Run
National Red Bull Flugtag 2013 National Red Bull Flugtag 2013
MTV The Music Experiment NYC MTV The Music Experiment NYC
Rickie Fowler Off Course Dallas Rickie Fowler Off Course Dallas
2012 Fighters Only World MMA Awards 2012 Fighters Only World MMA Awards


In order for video to be effective, it has to connect with viewers on an emotional level. And while anyone can be a filmmaker these days, few can pull of event scale productions from script to screen and everything in between.

Here, we’ve culled together a few clips to showcase what produce for clients across a range of verticals, including action sports, endurance, water, adventure, and corporate.

These reels are updated regularly so please check back for the latest releases. If you like what you see and are interested in getting customers to engage with your brand via video, call us today at (714) 437-0890.

National Red Bull Flugtag 2013

Start-to-Finish Productions (6)

From script to screen, we have pretty much done and seen it all. We can concept productions, film, edit, add effects and 3D motion, and then distribute products so that you get the most impressions possible with the leading news organizations and other sources around the globe. We collaborate with clients to make sure we enhance connections to customers. Bottom line, we make the process simple so you don’t have to worry. Browse the Videos...

Superior Cage Combat, The Matchmaker

Action Sports (8)

From chasing downhill mountain bikers through winding mountain sides to capturing legendary skateboarding tricks 20 feet above the surface of a vert ramp, we know how to catch the perfect scene. Action sports deliver an incredible thrill on any screen. Browse the Videos...

Crashed Ice 2009

B-Roll News Distribution (3)

Having incredible B-Roll footage opens the floodgates for your PR and marketing campaigns. The OceanWatch team always has an eye keenly focused on capturing and packaging the right moments during your production or event. We not only get the shot, but we know how to deliver the footage to a vast audience through our strategic partnerships in the media. Browse the Videos...

Goody Sizzle Reel

Corporate Video (9)

Creating engaging corporate videos is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, our team at OceanWatch cut our teeth in the world of action and adventure sports, and if there's one thing we know- it's excitement. We channel all the secrets we've learned (and pioneered) to create video content that emotionally connects and entertains the viewer. The results are personal, and effective. Browse the Videos...

Rickie Fowler Off Course Dallas

Live Events (22)

Our live events coverage has varied from following the world's top freerunning and parkour athletes in Detroit to producing the entertaining MMA awards ceremony. However, not all of our live events footage has kept our feet on the ground- we've also brought amazing viewpoints to cheering crowds at Blue Angels air shows. Browse the Videos...

2012 Fighters Only World MMA Awards

Recent Videos (20)

From celebrity profiles to sizzle reels, check out some of our most recently completed projects here. Browse the Videos...

Navy Wings

Television Production (13)

We've come a long way since the advent of television. In the 1950s, viewers were fortunate to enjoy a handful of channels broadcasting a mere dozens of programming choices. Today, we are bombarded 24/7 with thousands of programs from myriad channels, on nearly every device with a screen. OceanWatch delivers relevant, engaging content that cuts through the clutter and delivers emotionally engaging hooks through entertaining footage. Browse the Videos...